We strive to be among the leading pension funds worldwide, providing real value benefits and a sustained stream of first rate member services whilst meaningfully contributing to the development of Namibia's economy and society.
GIPF Chairperson

Active Members

Active members are employees of the Government of Namibia or employees of participating institutions.The members of GIPF contribute money to the Fund and membership is a condition of service. When a member exits the Fund e.g. when he /she retires, dies, or resigns, his/her membership lapses.

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Are you verified?
Each annuitant needs to be verified 3 times a year during these verification periods:
November - February
March - June
July - October


In terms of the GIPF Rules an employee who retires at the age of 60 and becomes eligible for monthly income from GIPF. The employee will no longer be permanently employed and will not be required to pay further monthly contributions.

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Latest News
Monday 23 September 2013
Chairperson remarks at receiving dividends from Namibia Procurement Trust Fund
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Children's Pension

This is a monthly income benefit payable to the minor children of a deceased GIPF member and managed by the legal guardian on behalf of the children.

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