To receive this monthly income a pensioner must complete a Certificate of Existence or register for Biometrics within 3 months of receiving the 1/3 lump sum payout. The Certificate of Existence applies to pensioners who live outside Namibia or those with exceptional circumstances that prevent them from reaching the GIPF Office. All other pensioners are required to register for Biometrics at the nearest GIPF office.

Biometrics is a system that identifies an individual by their unique thumbprint and linking it to information stored on the GIPF database. Every pensioner who receives a monthly income from GIPF is required to register. One of the following original documents is required for registration:

  1. Identity Document
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Drivers license and a Birth Certificate
  4. Voters Registration card and a Birth Certificate.

After registering for Biometrics, the pensioner will receive a GIPF SmartCard ‚Äč