An annuitant is the beneficiary of an annuity or pension and can be the contract holder or someone else to whom the title was designated. Proceeds of the contract are given to the beneficiary upon the annuitant's death in order to protect the beneficiary from a loss of income.

Children's Pension

This is a monthly income benefit payable to the minor children of a deceased GIPF member and managed by the legal guardian on behalf of the children. To qualify for the children's pension, a child should be younger than 18 years, and unmarried. The benefit could be extended up to the age of 25 in the following cases:

  1. To a full-time student at a recognized educational institution for which proof of enrollment should be provided on an annual basis.
  2. To disabled children who suffer physical defect or mental weakness (Medical Certificate and other related documentary proof are required).

How to Claim

The following documents must be attached to the claim form submitted to the GIPF office by the HR officer and these are:

  1. Full birth certificate.
  2. Identity document of parent/guardian.
  3. Postal and contact details of the parent or guardian.
  4. Guardianship letter.
  5. Certificate and proof of banking.


Registration is done within the first three months of receiving a monthly pension. This is a requirement for all children receiving a monthly pension to be registered on the Biometric Identification system at any of the GIPF offices countrywide. In addition, children are required to verify their existence three times a year for the fund to continue paying the monthly income. In this case a child below 18 years should be represented by the parent/guardian and the following documents are required.

  1. Full birth certificate of the child or
  2. Abridged birth certificate together with a Confirmation of Birth
  3. Original ID or Passport of parent
  4. Drivers license with birth certificate of parent
  5. Voters card with birth certificate of parent
  6. Failure to register and continue to verify would result in pension suspension.

Death After Retirement

If a pensioner dies within 5 years of having reached retirement age (the guarantee period) and was unmarried, the equivalent value of the outstanding pension payments will be paid in a lump sum to the dependants or if there are no dependants it will be payable into the deceased' estate after which the executor will distribute according to the deceased wishes.

If a pensioner dies within 5 years of having reached retirement age (the guarantee period) and was married, the spouse will receive a full monthly pension until the lapse of the 5 year guarantee period. Thereafter the monthly pension will be reduced to 50% payable for life, subject to increases as determined by Trustees of the Fund. If a pensioner dies after 5 years of having reached retirement age (after the guarantee period) and was single the pension will cease (nothing payable).

The Family of a deceased pensioner should notify GIPF and submit a death Certificate as soon as possible.