Membership Definition

Active members are employees of the Government of Namibia or employees of participating institutions.The members of GIPF contribute money to the Fund and membership is a condition of service. When a member exits the Fund e.g. when he /she retires, dies, or resigns, his/her membership lapses.


Once you become a GIPF member, you will contribute 7% of your monthly basic salary and your employer will pay an additional 16%. This monthly contribution is deducted directly from your salary and appears on your pay slip.

Beneficiary Nomination Form

A beneficiary nomination form is used to assist Trustees to distribute your benefits in terms of the GIPF Rules to your dependents should you die while in service. Upon joining the Fund, your Human Resources Officer will request you to fill in a beneficiary nomination. On this form, you will be requested to indicate who your dependents and nominees are. A dependent is a person whom you are legally liable for e.g. your wife and minor children. In addition, you can also nominate any other person such as your parents to be considered to benefit from your pension benefits. The beneficiary nomination form requires you to fill in full names and dates of birth, correct residential address and your specific relationship to the beneficiaries and nominees e.g. biological son, nephew, niece, wife etc. You will also have to indicate how much in percentages each person should receive.

Please remember, this form is not a will and the benefits will not necessarily be distributed in accordance to what you stated on the form. Pension benefits are distributed by Trustees in terms of the Ru​les of the Fund and the beneficiary nomination form is there to assist the Trustees to know the composition of your family.

Benefit Statement

(How much is my pension worth?) Should you want to know how much you will receive as pension benefits, the Human Resources Officer can help you to get a benefit quotation from GIPF which contains information on the amounts of each of your benefits. In addition, the Human Resources Officer distributes this information to all members once every year. Please verify your personal details on the benefit quotation or benefit statement that you receive from the Fund as these dates and salaries ultimately determine the value of your benefits.