Responsibilities of Social Services Consultants

GIPF employed qualified Social Workers in order to carry out certain social activities related to pension benefits of its members. The beneficiaries of GIPF and their relatives, friends, neighbors and leaders often get consulted by the Fund's Social Worker, known as Social Services Consultants for various reasons. Although some members do understand the role of these Social Services Consultants, most clients have unfortunately no clue about basic information regarding GIPF Social Services.

What is Social Work?

Social work is a profession with a strong desire to help improve people's lives. It promotes social changes, problem solving in human relationships, as well as the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance their well being. The practice of Social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior; of social, economic, and cultural institutions; and of the interactions of all these factors.

What are the duties of the Social Services Consultants at GIPF?

The following duties are conducted by Social Services Consultants:

  • Providing support and guidance regarding social circumstances.
  • Providing pre and post counseling services to pensioners.
  • Investigating reported cases about the mismanagement of minor children's funds
  • Investigating circumstances or the guardianship status of minor children
  • Investigating marital statuses of deceased members or the level of dependency of members' prospective beneficiaries, especially where family conflict arises.
  • Tracing beneficiaries.
  • Assessing the social circumstances surrounding the death of a member where cases are being investigated. They also liaise with the law enforcement agencies on matters under investigation.
  • Developing a network of Social work cooperation at community level so as to draw support from the networking system when required.

Which GIPF regional offices have Social Services Consultants?

You can get verified at the following GIPF offices countrywide:

Windhoek Head Office
Tel: (061) 205100 Fax: (061) 205 12

Oshakati Regional Office
Tel: (065) 220542 Fax: (065) 221256

Katima Mulilo Regional Office
Tel: (066) 254589 Fax: (066) 254534

Rundu Regional Office
Tel: (066) 256820 Fax: (066) 256480

Gobabis Regional Office
Tel: (062) 564136 Fax: (062) 564057

Ondangwa Regional Office
Tel: (065) 241381/2 Fax: (065) 241383

Social Services Procedures

After a case requiring investigations is referred to a Social Services Consultant by an Administrator, the Social Services Consultant embarks on the following procedure:

  • Studies the entire file information regarding the cases that are referred for investigation;
  • Conducts interviews with concerned people through home visits, office meetings and telephone interviews;
  • Liaises with other stakeholders to obtain additional information that may confirm or refute the claimant's information;
  • Writes a report on the findings and provides recommendations that may be used for the distribution of benefits within the discretion of Trustees.
  • Submits the report to the source of referral.