This is the process of using your fingerprint to verify your identity to confirm that you are still alive. This is to make sure that other persons other than yourself do not receive your monthly income.

How do you verify?

Visit your nearest GIPF Office or Nampost to get verified and bring along your GIPF Smart Card. Verification takes no longer than 2 minutes.

Annuitants younger than 12 years however need to be verified at GIPF offices because of the changing fingerprints of children in that age group which might require them to be enrolled.

Each annuitant needs to be verified 3 times a year during these verification periods:

  • November - February
  • March - June
  • July - October

Where can you get verified?

You can get verified at the following GIPF offices countrywide:

  • Windhoek
  • Ondangwa
  • Oshakati
  • Rundu
  • Katima Mulilo
  • Keetmanshoop
  • Gobabis
  • Otjiwarongo
  • Swakopmund
  • Outapi
  • Eenhana
  • Or at your nearest Nampost office.

Why is it important to get verified?

It is important to get registered and verified within the allocated time frame as your pension will be suspended and will only be activated upon verification. All annuitants who verified themselves will be provided with their next verification period. Get registered and verified to continue to receiving your pension.

Who needs to get registered or verified?

Anyone who receives a monthly income from GIPF e.g. pensioners, children (who are beneficiaries) and spouses.

What happens if you are not registered?

If you are not registered for the biometrics identification process, your pension will be suspended until you are registered.

What is the Biometrics Identification process?

The biometrics identification system identifies a person by comparing a person's thumbprint to information stored on a database. GIPF is registering all people who receive a monthly income from the Fund (called annuitants) to receive their monthly income through the biometrics identification system.

What documents do you need for registration?

If you are not registered for Biometrics and do not have a GIPF Card then, bring along one of the following documents for registration: Annuitants above 18 years: Original Identity Document. Valid Passport. Driver license with birth certificate. Voters card with birth certificate. Child annuitants above 18 years should bring along a full birth certificate.

Annuitants below 18 years represented by the parent or a court appointed guardian: Original ID of parent. Valid passport of parent. Drivers license with birth certificate of parent. Voters card with birth certificate of parent. Full birth certificate of the beneficiary, official letter of authority to act as guardian.​