Investigation Services

The main purpose of the division is to investigate all death claims as required by Law before disseminating benefits to rightful beneficiaries. To ensure that all rightful beneficiaries are identified and included in the distribution of such benefits.

They go out and investigate cases referred and then recommend to the Board of Trustees on what action to be take at their discretion, when distributing such benefits.

The Support Services Division comprises of:

  • Manager Support Services
  • 3X Investigation Officers (IO)
  • 4X Social Services Consultants (SSC).

Three staff members are stationed at B1 which comprise of:

  • 1X Social Services Consultant
  • 2X Investigation Officers

The rest of the team is in the regions and are broken down as follows:

  • Oshakati 1X Investigation Officers and 1X Social Services Consultant
  • Rundu¬† 1X Social Services Consultant
  • Katima Mulilo 1X Social Services Consultant