Strategic Outline

The 2020/2021 strategic year posed significant challenges to business as usual, which the Fund was nonetheless able to convert into opportunities. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic had a material impact on the 2020/2021 corporate scorecard. Since the Fund is exposed to the domestic, regional, and international environment, these multifaceted ramifications required the GIPF strategy to identify these vast and rapid changes and to respond to them accordingly to take advantage of any potential strategic gains presented by such changes.

The Fund is in its fourth year of the five-year (2018 – 2023) Strategic Plan, and as is customary, held an annual strategy retreat workshop in February 2021 where the Board of Trustees and Management deliberated on the execution of the strategy, challenges and opportunities presented and charted the way forward for the coming year.

The Fund has over the duration of the strategic planning cycle, demonstrated consistent, high-performance across the four strategic themes by continuously adjusting and pivoting the annual scorecard, which allowed for the corporate scorecard to remain relevant and responsive to changes in the external environment. By mid-year the Fund had materially reviewed 14.1% of its strategic initiatives leading to a successful execution rate of 93.10%. During the past three years the Fund attained a strategy execution rate of 84.8%, from 87.2% in the previous year.

Strategic Pillars

The sustainability of The Fund is of paramount importance in order to ensure longevity and create lasting socio-economic impact.

  1. Maintain Optimal Cost to Serve Ratio
  2. Enhance Financial Reporting
  3. Prudent Financial Management
  4. Mitigation of Governance, Risk & Compliance
  5. Unique & Conducive Work Environment & Facilities
  6. Ensure Effective Asset & Liability Management
  7. Practice Responsible Investing
  8. Strengthen Investment Processes
  9. Ensure Compliance Management
  10. Capacitate the Investment department

Our Mandate

To provide Retirement and Ancillary benefits for our members and their beneficiaries.

Our Vision

To be a leading and model pension fund Globally.

Our Mission

To safeguard and grow the Fund for the benefit of its members.