Treasury  is responsible for the management of the Fund’s in-house portfolios, which includes Fixed Income and Strategic Equity holdings. It is also responsible for the overall funding and liquidity Management functions of the fund.

The Treasury investment approach is based on the overall the Strategic Asset Allocation of the GIPF as outlined in the fund’s Investment Policy Statement (and updated from time-to-time). To deliver on the mandate, the Treasury investment approach is based on three key pillars:

Fixed Income – We believe fixed income markets are at times inefficient and illiquid. Therefore, we buy high quality fixed income assets that can provide predictable and sustainable income to the fund, while we seek to provide a high degree of safety and liquidity by investing in a diversified and liquid portfolio of high-quality money market instruments that allow us to earn a competitive short-term rate of return.

Equity We believe that the economic environment and the performance of a firm’s industry influence the value of a security and its rate of return, thus a top-down, three-step approach is used in estimating the value of businesses. However, as a long-term investor, we look at wealth creation beyond financial benefits, we buy equities of strategic nature that contributes to sustainable development by simultaneously delivering economic, social and environment benefits – the so called “triple bottom line”