About Us

Who We Are

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is a statutory pension fund that provides pension and related benefits to civil servants, and employees of participating employers in Namibia.

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) was established at the end of 1989, with the purpose of providing pension and other related benefits to civil servants as well as employees of institutions established by Acts of Parliament such as state-owned enterprises and mission hospitals in Namibia.

As a professionally managed pension fund, GIPF continues to strive to be a leading pension fund and a model corporate citizen in Namibia.

GIPF is also one of the few fully funded pension funds in Africa that have built up enough funds to cover its liabilities.

Defined Benefit Pension Fund

GIPF is a defined benefits pension fund that provides guaranteed pension benefits to its members. This means that should liabilities of GIPF exceed its assets, (e.g. bad performance of the markets), the employer undertakes to cover the shortfall. The benefits are defined in terms of the Rules​ of the Fund and most of the benefits are calculated based on final average salary and years of service, which is the number of years that the member was employed by the Government or member institution and contributed to the Fund.

The scheme provides guaranteed benefits to members no matter what happens in the stock market, how long an employee lives after retirement, or whether he or she becomes disabled and unable to work. Besides the above benefits, GIPF provides funeral benefits to its members at no cost.

Our Core Values

We embrace our corporate values, and working together as a team, are transparent and accountable in how we operate. We share these values through our member-centric culture and delivering the highest quality of service.


We believe that teams achieve more than individuals. We therefore undertake to work together as a team in support of one another in pursuit of our vision.

Service Excellence

We will strive to deliver the highest quality of service (Right, Fast and Humane) to all our stakeholders in an innovative, professional and respectful manner.


We will always be honest, fair, transparent and trustworthy in everything we do.

We will be empathetic in our interactions with
our members and responsive to their needs

Company History

  • GIPF celebrates its 30th anniversary on 1 October 2020
  • Review of the GIPF Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023
  • GIPF rated at the top-level (level 1) of NAMFISA’s supervisory level
  • Fund assets have grown to N$108.5 billion, making up 61.7% of the pension fund industry in Namibia
  • N$8.5 million invested in member education and other activities
  • Active member count 101,762
  • Decentralising the payment of claims to the respective regional offices countrywide
  • Biggest investor in Namibia through listed and unlisted assets to the value of N$42.3 billion
  • Staff complement grew to 246 (permanent staff)
  • Five-story building (head office, Windhoek)
  • Eleven Regional offices
  • N$5.7 million invested in training and development